Stargazer Trail

Apr 26

Lindsay and the long-horn steer series, Tallahassee/Jefferson County, Florida, March 2012/October 2011, Vivitar 35 MM instant camera.

In October 2011, I house sat for some friends in Jefferson County, Florida.  They live way out surrounded by cow pastures and lovely woods.  One day, as I drove past one of the cow fields, I noticed an all-white, long-horn steer with his head lifted to the sky, shaking his horns.  He was curling, and he was magnificent.  I thought of the Greek myth of the Cretan bull from the sea that fathered the Minotaur and the myth of Zeus disguising himself as a white bull and seducing Europa.  I pulled over and took several shots of him.

Flash-forward to March 2012: I started taking pictures of my friend Lindsay in and around her campus apartment at Penwood Apartments.  Mistakenly, I double-exposed the original roll of film from October 2011.  (You may remember from my previous posts; same roll of film here.)  Once again, a rather amazing thing happened.  Lindsay’s figure and apartment complex were now layered over the long-horn steer in his field.  Now on the eve of Lindsay’s birthday, these images seem a message from another realm.  They seem meant to be.  Happy Birthday Lindsay.  Happy Birthday Taurus.  

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    That’s a pretty cool accident. [NOTE: The photographer and the figure are two of my friends.]
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